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Monday, May 3, 2010

Grandma's here

Grandma Dimmick arrived yesterday. The girls are showing off for Grandma and are all starting to kick it into high gear. Chloe now weighs 4*5, she is taking every other feeding by bottle, and is still holding her temperature very well in her open air crib. Payton now weighs 3*12. She is still eating from the bottle twice a day, but she just started taking the entire bottle today. Usually she takes a little bit by bottle then they have to put the rest down her tube becuase she was taking too long. Jillian is now 4lbs even. She is taking ALL of her feedings by bottle and no longer has her feeding tube in. I am guessing maybe by Monday or Tuesday, she will be moving into a crib as long as she can hold her temp. They are doing so well. Thank you for all of your prayers! Keep praying for our babies so hopefully we can bring them home soon. Here are some new pictures.

Grandma, Mommy, and Aunt Jess...there are enough babies to go around

Jillian before her tube was taken out

Grandma and Chloe

Uncle Derek feeding Chloe

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