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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment

All the girls had their first doctor's appointment this week. Everything went really well. They all had to get a shot and I think Mommy cried more than they did. All the girls were weighed and Chloe is now 4*10, Jillian is 4*1, and Payton is 4*2. The doctor is going to watch their weights closely because they are so small so we will go back next week to get weighed again. They have some upcoming appointments to check their development. On Friday they have an eye appointment to check their eye development, and on the 24th they all have to have a hip ultrasound. All the girls were breech so this can often lead to hip problems. We go back to the pediatrician when they are 2 months old (June 8th). The doctor's goal at this point is for the girls to all be in the 6lb range. Here are some pictures of their first appointment.
Jillian with the Doctor

Chloe in her going to the doctor outfit

Payton with the doctor

Jillian with the doctor

Chloe with the doctor

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