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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our first family Christmas

What a wonderful week we have had! Last Sunday, we drove up to Indiana to spend Christmas with our families. We decided that driving through the night would be the best way to travel with the triplets. We were right! They were so good. They slept most of the way and woke up only to eat one time throughout the 15 hour drive. Once we were home it seemed like we were traveling all over the place, visiting family. By the end of the week I think we were all ready to come home and relax.

There was lots of snow, Mark and I really wanted to build a snowman, but we just ran out of time, but Mark did find some time to get a couple of snowballs in (see pictures below). Indiana had more snow than I have seen in a long time. It was a true white Christmas. We wanted to let the girls play in it, but it was just too cold. Maybe next year. As to be expected, the girls were spoiled with gifts from several different Christmas celebrations. There were lots of toys and clothes, but they were more interested in the paper. :)

We left Sunday, December 26th at 10:00 pm. Our plan was to drive through the night again. This time we were traveling with one less person, as Great Grandma Justine was not coming back with us. The girls slept through the night and we stopped in Forsyth, GA about an hour south of Atlanta at around 9:00am. We were hungry and so were they. We went to Dairy Queen to get breakfast for ourselves and to feed the girls. As we always do, we made a splash. (People are always curious as triplets are not the norm) After about 20 minutes of answering questions the owner asked us if he could call the local newspaper because this was big news for such a small town. I will jump at any chance to show off my adorable babies so I said sure. I didn't think the newspaper would actually show up, but I was wrong. About 20 minutes later a reporter showed up and took our picture and asked us a few questions. I am sure that was a great picture after nearly 12 hours in the car. I asked them if they did publish the article to send us a copy of the paper. Hopefully they will do that. I will post the article if and when it comes.
We got home around 2:30 on Monday afternoon. We were exhausted, but the babies were ready to go (having slept all night). We somehow worked through it. We have had a rough couple of days as the babies are adjusting to being back home again, but things are getting back to normal.
It was an all around good trip and a very memorable Christmas. A milestone update, the girls are all officially sitting up on their own. Payton is still our best sitter. All the girls can now say Mama and Dada, but Jillian is still our talker. They are starting to wave and even say Hi now. Payton now has one tooth and Chloe has two. They are growing so quickly. Enjoy the pictures and videos:

some of our Christmas outfits

Payton in her new turtle with balls inside

Payton in her new cart cover from Grandma Mimi

Samantha, Elisa, Aunt Vicki and Chloe

Evelyn, Jillian , and Aunt Becky

Grandpa Royer and Jillian (opening gifts was just too much for her)

The Royer family including Grandma and Grandpa Royer

The girls with Grandma and Grandpa Royer

A snow pile: Mark was sliding around in this parking lot. He was so proud of himself.

Payton with her new dolly (she looks just like Daddy)

Daddy when he was younger (compare to picture above)
Payton playing in the turtle again (she loves this thing)

One of many Christmas outfits

Snow covered tree

More trees

Chloe and Daddy

Tree with presents (notice Jillian snooping)

Grandma Michele and Chloe on Christmas morning

Jillian and Mommy on Christmas morning.

Playing with cards on Christmas morning...who knew think of all the money we could have saved.
The girls on Christmas morning: Jillian, Payton, Chloe

Daddy likes bows too
Jilllian eating paper

More paper

Payton likes paper too

Grandpa Royer with Payton on Christmas Eve. It was a long day.
Grandma Royer with Jillian on Christmas Eve

Cousin Kat and Chloe
Aunt Vicki and Payton
Payton, Jillian and Chloe in their Christmas Eve dresses. Ready for Church
Payton, Jillian and Chloe in Christmas onsies

Chloe opening gifts with Grandpa Rod
Jillian helping Grandpa Rod open his gifts

Dan and Jillian

Aunt Becky and Payton Grandma Justine and Chloe
Daddy reading a new book to Jillian
Mommy and Jillian
Another new outfit Chloe, Payton, and Jillian
Daddy throwing snowballs in a snow storm

More snowball fighting

Chloe with Grandma Royer


Snow was coming down fast

Mountains on the drive down (our first sign of snow)
Some of our Christmas decorations in Florida: Our front door
Our House
Chloe always has a smile
Jillian crawled in there herself to get to that paci she has in her mouth