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Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

This Halloween was a very busy one, but we had a lot of fun! Friday night we decided to decorate pumpkins. We have smartened up a lot since last year and we decided to only carve one and we just bought pumpkin stickers for the girls to decorate their own little pumpkins. They picked out stickers and we helped them put them on. They had a lot of fun. Then we all went outside and cleaned out our big pumpkin. Jillian was very curious and liked to look inside the pumpkin, but no one wanted to get their hands dirty. After the girls went to bed we carved out the pumpkin.

Monday was Halloween and we had a wedding to go to. Our close family friend Sam was getting married and the girls were the ring bearers. Mark and I pulled them in their wagon with a sign that said "Rich this is your last chance to run she is right behind us". It was very cute! Mark's parents were here as well as his brother Mike and his wife so we had a lot of help that day and thank goodness for that. They were really well behaved and were even dancing it up a little bit at the reception. After the wedding we went home and the girls took a short nap before trick or treating. They went as pumpkins (costumes we found last year on clearance). We only took them to 3-4 houses of people we knew. After we got home, they spend the rest of the night just playing with their pumpkins and their candy. Overall it was a busy Halloween, but surely a memorable one too! Enjoy the pictures and videos!

Chloe: "What am I suppose to do with this thing?"
Jillian: "I picked this one out!"
Payton: Dolly has to be with her to help her out with her pumpkin
Girls: picking out stickers to put on their pumpkins
Which one do you want?
Chloe: "Mine is the best looking!"
Payton: "let's just relax and see what they are doing"
Jillian:"I'm so happy to get my own pumpkin!"
Payton: "Nobody is touching my pumpkin!"
Jillian: "Where are we going?"
I think this looks good!
Our Finished Pumpkins! Chloe's, Jillian's, Payton's
Jillian: "What is that?!?"
Jillian: "That is pretty cool!"
What is that nasty stuff!?!
Jillian:"You stick your hands in there?"
Chloe:"I can help you out Mommy!"
Jillian: "I'm not putting my hand in there"
Mommy and Daddy's pumpkin
Chloe ready for Samantha and Rich's wedding Day
Payton at Sam and Rich Wedding
Chloe: Kid's table over here!
Jillian: "Yeah...I got stuck at the kid's table!"
Uncle Mike and Chloe
We are all dressed for Halloween! (Chloe, Jillian, Payton)
Payton: "I'm ready to go Trick or Treating!"
We are gonna do this in style!
Chloe: "What is this stuff"
Jillian: "There is nothing in here!"
Payton: "What are we doing this for?"
Jillian: " I think I found something!"
Chloe found her candy
Jillian: "I wonder if Mom or Dad will like this stuff?"
Jillian: "This looks good...maybe I can sneak it upstairs!"
Payton:"Hmmm..That wasn't such a bad trip out in the wagon...I got some good stuff!"
Payton...ready for bed....It was a long day!
Jillian at the Pumpkin Patch
Payton at the Pumpkin Patch
Chloe at the Pumpkin Patch