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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

This week was my spring break and we had a lot of time to do extra things with the girls. We took them to the beach, the pool, and Sea World. This wasn't the first time for the beach, but each time we go I think they have more fun than the time before. We again found some warm water and they played in that water for a while. Then on Monday we tried the pool. I was worried that the water would be too cold for them. The lifeguard told us the water was 67 degrees. That doesn't seem too bad, but it was freezing. Surprisingly, the girls didn't seem to mind it. They had a good time. Payton liked it the least and spent most of her time with Mommy on the side, but she did get in. Then Friday we took them to Sea World. We know they are still a little young for this, but we thought we would try it. Florida teachers get in for free and we didn't have to pay for the girls either so it was not too expensive for us to go. They had a special going on if you pay for a one day ticket you can come back all year for free so we thought it was a good investment and we could return this summer. Orlando is 2 hours away and traveling with 3 babies is never easy so we got there later than anticipated. We had limited time, but we were able to see the Shamu show and a sea lion show in which the sea lion was not doing what he was supposed to which made it pretty funny. We also saw sea turtles, sharks, penguins, lots of fish. The adults also had some fun while the babies were sleeping we traded off and went on rides. The babies enjoyed the Shamu show the best. They loved when the whales jumped out of the water, they even clapped when it was time to clap :) it was just the waiting for the whale to jump that was a bit challenging. We also redid their room this week and pretty much rearranged the entire upstairs. The only room we did change was our room. Their new room is so much better. We have room to separate the cribs and they so far are sleeping much better. We are very happy with how it came out. Those of you that have been to our house, the Purdue room is now our guest room and the babies old room is now the Play room and the old guest room is now the babies new room. See the pictures below of all the new rooms.

No one is walking yet, but they are all walking along the couch and trying more and more to be independent. Payton is walking with a walker toy that we have and trying very hard to stand up on her own. She lasts a few seconds before she loses her balance. She is also getting very good at climbing and getting herself into trouble. (see video) Chloe and Jillian aren't as interested in walking, but they are very very fast at crawling. Can't take your eyes off of them. They are growing every day and looking less and less like babies and more like little girls. It is bitter sweet for us. We have been waiting for them to be more independent so it will be a little easier for us, but it is sad that they are growing so fast. It is hard to believe it has been a year since they were born.

We are gearing up for their big first birthday party! Mark's parents and my mom and grandma will be here. My dad would love to be here too, but he is finishing up his school at Ball State and will be graduating soon. We will miss him, but we are very proud of him! Enjoy the pictures and stayed tuned for birthday pictures... Penguins at Sea World Swimming Penguins Driving into Sea World Purdue room and new guest room new girls room: Jillian is on the other side of the room becuase she tends to wake up first and likes to wake others up. More of the new room Payton and Chloe crib...still close but there is a small gap there...not a lot of options when you have to put 3 cribs in one room Old bedroom and new play room with a day bed for guests Play room

Payton pulled Chloe's car seat off the couch and positioned it so she could use it to climb up on the couch herself. I didn't know whether to save her or grab the camera. It is not the best video because I was trying to hold on to her so she wouldn't fall.

Daddy jumping in the freezing cold pool

Payton in the pool

Jillian wasn't too happy at first

Chloe crawled into Charlie's crib

She didn't stay long

Payton with Mommy at the pool

Chloe in her crab

Jillian...I think she likes it!


A little cold, but I like it


It is just like bath time

Our little Super Star (Jillian)!

Hey wanna come play with me?

Jillian loves splashing the water while everything Chloe touches is in her mouth.

Yea!!! Beach Time!

What is this stuff?!?

Beach Bums (Jillian, Chloe, Payton)

Payton: (Yea...Buried head in the sand)

What are you lookin at?!?

Hey!!! It's Pretty Girl Chloe

Jillian contemplating going into the water

Chloe and her Penguin

Don't judge me! Sand tastes good! : )

Jillian playing with her toys

I wonder what this does? (Umbrella)

Pretty Girl Smile (Jillian)

Chloe striking her Beach Pose

Hey...Why don't you come join me? (Payton)

Jillian: Yea I am playing with my toys!

Payton and Mommy at Sea World

Jillian (I miss my Grandma Justine...Can't wait to see her) : (

Payton with her Shark from Uncle Conor

Sea World

Chloe with her Stingray from Uncle Conor

She is not a baby anymore : (

Beautiful little Girl Chloe

Jillian sleeping with her Dolphin


Jillian: Sea World is exhausting

Payton waitin on Daddy to feed the sea lions

Sea lion show

more of the show

The girls were eating during the show

Chloe refusing to look at the camera

Jillian: the face of an angel

Daddy and Uncle Conor feeding the sea lions

Payton soaking up the shade

The sea lion was waiting for his food

Waiting for lunch...there seems to be alot of waiting at Sea World

Watching the Shamu show

Payton watching the whales and clapping

Whales jumping

more jumping

Waiting on the show to start

Daddy and Payton