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Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 Weeks Old!!

The girls are 4 weeks old today and they have really taken off this past week. Monday...Jillian came out of her isolette at 4.0 lbs. Tuesday when we came in all the girls had their feeding tubes out and were all bottle feeding for every feed. Wednesday the NICU called us in the morning and told us that Chloe, pending her car seat evaluation, would come home on Thursday...and Jillian would come home on Saturday! So we brought up their car seats for their evaluations. Then we went and visited them this evening and to our surprise we saw Payton out of her isolette...and the nurses told us that she could be coming home Saturday or Sunday!! What a great Mother's Day that would be!! : )

As of tonight Chloe weighs 4.7lbs.....Jillian is 4.3lbs....and Payton is 4.0lbs!

Daddy Giving Chloe a bath.Payton out of her isolette! : )

New family picture

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