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Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 weeks old

Yesterday the girls were 3 weeks old and making good progress. Chloe now weighs 4*3, Payton is 3*10 and Jillian is 3*8. Jillian is still our best eater. They have bumped her up to eating from a bottle 3 times a day. She is still taking the entire feeding and sometimes she takes more. Payton and Chloe are doing better with the bottle but they are still only allowed to try 2 times a day. Since Chloe is now over 4 lbs, they turned off her isolette last night and tested her to see if she could hold her temperature on her own. She did really well so at about 5 am they moved her to an open air crib. This is a huge step toward being able to come home. She now just needs to start eating from a bottle better. Here are some pictures...

Jillian finally getting some meat on those bones

Payton eyes wide open

Just the girls (how did they all fit in my belly???)

Chloe in her crib :) No more isolette!

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