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Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Happenings

I can't believe it is already July and summer is almost over. Before I know it, I will be back at work. This month has been pretty busy so far. As you know, our new baby Niece Addyson Dru was born on July 3rd. So we got to keep Mya for a couple of nights while Derek and Jessica were in the hospital. On July 4th, we had a cookout with the Byrnes. They bought a baby pool and the 4 girls played in that most of the day, while the adults ate and talked. Mark worked until 8:30 that night. When he came home we loaded up everyone in the van and drove to a parking lot near the city's firework display. (This was special for us because, this year was the first time EVER Mark and I saw fireworks together. In the past, he was always working.) Payton, Jillian, and Chloe were asleep before we even left the neighborhood. Mya was excited about the fireworks, but didn't like driving in the dark. Once we got there and the fireworks finally started, Mya enjoyed them from INSIDE the van because they were a little loud for her, and the babies slept right through them.

Then last weekend, Mark's cousins, Michelle, Oscar and Kat Nagler and their friends Scott, Mary and Mary-Beth came to visit. They drove down from Indiana and stayed one night with us before continuing on to Orlando. A few nights later we met u
p with them in Orlando and took the girls to Disney World for the first time. It was rainy that day, but the temperature was in the 80's and very comfortable for Florida, so we took the rain as a blessing. The girls rode a few rides. I would say their favorite was It's a Small World. It was a peaceful ride with a lot to look at. They liked that. We stayed that night in Orlando at the condo Mark's cousins rented. The girls didn't sleep well at all that night and we ended up sleeping in the van. The Nagler's were supposed to leave the next morning, and I wanted them to get some sleep. So the mission was just to get the girls out of the condo so everyone else could get some sleep. We only had to drive around for about 5 minutes before everyone was asleep, but then we didn't want to disturb them (plus we were locked out of th
e condo) so we slept in the van. Then the next day, on the way home, I guess the girls decided they had slept enough in the van and they weren't going to sleep in there again, so they cried pretty much the entire way home. FYI Orlando is 2 hours away from Jacksonville. We were all miserable, but I felt especially bad for Kat, Mark's 7 year old cousin. She decided to ride home in our van because we have a DVD player (which she couldn't hear over all the crying) and because she just loves Mark. I am sure by the time we ma
de it back, she regretted that decision, but she was polite and wouldn't admit that. Life with triplets is never easy and often times stressful, but we also have 3 times the laughs, 3 times the hugs, and 3 times the kisses. The payoff is definitely worth the cost. Enjoy the pictures.

Mary and Chloe: Disney World is a lot of waiting!
Jillian and the tickle monster!!!

Jillian took the term Lazy to heart and fell asleep in the Lazy River

Chloe eating pool side with Mommy
Jillian- What a way to drink your milk (pool side)
Jillian in deep thought
Chloe: "What's that over there?"
Payton sleeping with Mary Beth (she was the best at putting them to sleep)
Super Model Chloe chllin with the paci
Jillian can't go anywhere without her Paci
Jillian gettin her groove on to the 80's Hair band playing
Jillian and Daddy dancing
Chloe looking to see what she wants to order.
Mark: " I do NOT approve of this type of behavior!!!" (Jillian table/pole dancing)
Mommy and Jillian at the pool.
Jillian, Mommy, Daddy, and Oz going down the Lazy River
Kat and Chloe going down the lazy river.
Lazy river fun with Daddy jumping into Oz's arms.
Payton definitely representing the lazy river with her legs propped up
Disney Castle
Disney Castle
Daddy and Oz (Thanks for the line hopping) : ) Hope you get to feeling better!
Kat, Mary Beth and the Girls
Payton-What are you doing?
Oz and Kat: Kat was really happy about her Dad's injury because it meant we got to skip the line
Chloe eating at Disney
It's Dumbo and the Royer's!
Mommy and Payton
Mary, Mary Beth and Chloe
Mommy and Payton
Whoo Hoo!!! Where are the roller coasters?

Kat being a big helper holding Chloe...and I thought she was heavy
Jillian: " I'm tired of waiting...let's get this show on the road!"
The perfect we found at Target!
Jillian: "I just wanna get on this ride!"
Payton has had just way too much of Disney
Family picture in front of the Castle at Disney
Jillian Camera's over here!
Disney Castle
Mark's hedge trimming is sub-par
It's the runaway train
It's HIM!...It's Really Him!!! Mickey Mouse!!!
The girls at Disney
Let's Go...we wanna see that guy we see on tv!
Chloe lovin the pool at Kevin and Anne's
Jillian not so much
Chloe: "Could you please bring me some warm milk?" Thanks!
Can't control her anymore: Payton's off for the waves!
Payton: "Yea...I'm getting this thing figured out...left..right..left...right"
Pretty girl Payton Beachside
Jillian: "Yea...So what it's faster than walking!"
Chloe: "ooohhhh..this feels good!"
Chloe soaking up the sun and loving the water!
Jillian chillin with Daddy at the Beach
Jillian: "Just try to take this outta my hands!"
Anne, Daddy, Mommy, and the girls at Jax Beach
Chloe, Payton, and Jillian: A rare occurrence that they are sitting still
Payton: Glamour shot...yea you can take my pic!
Daddy and Uncle Conor with Jillian and Chloe at the pool
Payton: "Hmm...this tastes pretty good"
Jillian: "Why does he do this to me?!?!"

Jillian: "That's better....I like to relax at the pool Daddy!"
Conor and his God Daughter Chloe
Jillian: "HAHAHA....I'm gonna keep you up tonight!"
Payton with her cool girl shades
Chloe: Rocking the pig tails
Locked outta the kitchen and this is all we get? These cold teethers?
Picnic inside!!! YEEEEAAA Cheese Balls!!!
Jillian: "There mine....All mine!"
And it begins....There goes Chloe!
Jillian: "Hey, Can someone help me out here...I got in here and can't get back out!"
Happy Feet Payton on the couch

Mommy Scored a deal!!! Way to go Mommy!!! $84.18 worth of stuff for $6.45!!

Chloe loving her books!
Kat giving Daddy a break!
Chloe: "Daddy...You don't do it as good as Mommy!"