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Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Birthday Weekend

Here we go post two of three.  We had a huge weekend this weekend.  The girls turned two on Saturday.  It is so hard to believe that they are already two.  It truly has been in the blink of an eye.  We wanted to have a small backyard BBQ for them.  It was of course sesame street themed.  We had planned on borrowing a water slide from our friend, but unfortunately the temperature was only about 75 degrees.  It was a beautiful day, but a little too cold for the water slide.  So we put up the water table and Uncle Conor bought them a new wooden play set so everyone played on that.  It was a good time.  They got lots of new clothes and toys.

Mark and I spend a lot of time reminiscing this weekend.  Looking at old pictures and just thinking back to those 3lb little girls who were so tiny.  They have certainly come a long way! We are so blessed to have healthy babies, because not every family is so lucky.  With that being said, now that they are two we face new challenges.  The terrible twos have definitely begun.  We still deal daily with biting and fit throwing.  The girls argue like sisters.  As any two year old would, they have a tough time sharing 95% of the arguments revolve around sharing.  We are working on this and taking it day by day.  They are starting to learn to phrase my turn and really understand how they have to take turns.  In the same breath I have to also say that they love each other like sisters, too.  They are starting to call each other by name and they will help each other out and even share without being asked.  They have a compassion for each other that is amazing to watch.  When someone is crying or in time out the other two are so concerned it is so sweet.  They call on each other to play and they hug and kiss each other.  They have such a special bond that is amazing to watch.  Here are some pictures from the day

Elmo Fruit Plate 
Cookie Monster Fruit Plate
Presents for the Girls
Food Table Setup
Back Yard Setup
Chloe playing with cousins Mya and Addy at the water table
Girls playing with the new playground from Uncle Conor

Payton digging in to the gifts
Payton: "A little help here!"
Jillian and Chloe: "Wow this is cool sissy!!"
Jillian making kissy faces!!

Jillian and Payton: COOKIE!!!
Chloe: "What do you have there?"
Payton and Jillian: "Cookie!!!"
Payton: "How do I look?!?"
Chloe: "What is in this?!?"
Chloe: "Hmmm...This is a lot of work!"
Jillian: "Yup I got a ball!"
Jillian reading her new books
Jillian: Smiley Face "Chhhheeeezzeee!!!!"
Payton: "Sissy's We are going Bowling!!!"
Grand Opening Presents All Over!!!
Payton: And her new "Baby" 
Cookie Monster Cupcakes...Mommy and Daddy modified
Happy Birthday to You Payton...Jillian...and Chloe!!!
Our own personal cupcakes
Payton getting ready to blow out her candles
Jillian: "Hmmm....Sweets...I'm all in!!!"
Chloe: "So what do I do with this?"
Elmo cupcakes for the rest of the of the party!!
Jillian: "This is so good!!!...and I can't believe I'm getting by with this!!!"
Payton: "Hmmm..Yea this tastes pretty good!"
Chloe: "Hmm...Not too bad!"
Payton: Blue Cheezzyyy Face!!
Jillian: "Oh my this is so GOOD!!!"
Jillian: "I am not going to let any of this go to waste!!"
Chloe: Big Smiles!
Chloe: "Yea...The wrapper is not bad either"
Final Pics before a little bath time
Put your Hands up girls!! Chloe, Jillian, and Payton
Payton: "I love this stuff!!!"
Jillian: Hands up!!
Sweets Chloe!! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

It has been way too long since I last posted.  I am going to try to make up for all the lack of posts over the last few months.  I am going to try to get at least 3 posts up here this week.  So this post is one of three.  A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having cousins, Pat and Maury and Maury's sister Caroline and her husband Chet coming up to visit us.  They spend their winters in Inverness, Florida.  They were passing through on their way to St. Augustine.  We were able to visit with them and then we ate dinner out.  It was a good visit and I hope we can get down to see them soon.

The next week we had spring break and we spent a lot of time with the girls and did some family things.  We went to the jump house place again with Derek, Jessica, Mya, and Addy.  Everyone had a lot of fun even the adults.  We also spent a lot of time spring cleaning and painting the girls rooms to get ready for the big split.  As many of you know we are getting ready to split the girls up into separate rooms, and into big girls beds.  Since Thanksgiving, Payton has been in a big girl bed in her own room.  She was crawling out of her crib so we had to make that change early.  Jillian and Chloe still share a room, but we are ready to split them up as well.  I will keep you posted on how that goes.  Here are some pictures of the visit with our cousins and some videos.  Hope you enjoy.  Remember to check back in the next couple of days for post 2 and 3 one of these will be their 2nd birthday post.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Royer Entertainment

Everyday is something new at our house.  They really do entertain us.  We usually never capture the good stuff on video but occasionally they let will perform for the camera.  Here are some cute ones that we have gotten recently.  

As you know, they have always been dancers, but more recently they have gotten into hand holding and dancing with each other.  It is the cutest thing.  They start dancing and laughing.  :)
I play rock a bye baby with them and when it is time for the cradle to fall, I drop them on the couch.  They love this game.  Payton caught on to the game and started playing it with her babies.  So funny!
Jillian has started to require assigned seats at meal time and in the car.  I don't know why she has to have this particular seat, but she WILL NOT sit anywhere else.  They always say to choose your battles,  this is one we usually give in to, but it can be fun to mess with her and see her reaction.  

Payton is our climber.  When we were home for Thanksgiving she managed to get out of every place we put her in.  We knew it wouldn't be long before she was doing it at home too.  She is already in a big girl bed because she climbs out of the crib.  Now she is starting on the gates.  She wouldn't do this while I was watching so I had to hide the camera and pretend I wasn't paying attention.  It is funny and scary all at the same time.    

They are staring to talk a lot more and even putting two words together.  We are trying to teach them that using words are much more powerful than whining.  It is a work in progress, but here are some of the new words we have learned recently and some old ones that we are perfecting.  

Christmas 2011

I know this post is WAY overdue, but we have been very busy around here.  Everyday I would tell myself I was going to do it and then something else would come up.  We had a really great Christmas.  My mom and grandma came down on Christmas Eve and stayed for the week so it was nice to have those extra hands. It was definitely different from last year.  Last year the girls were more interested in the paper this year they actually enjoyed the toys and presents.  They had a lot of fun opening up ALL their gifts.  As usually they were overwhelmed with so many presents, but they are so blessed to have so many people that love them and just want to shower them with presents.  This year was definitely an Elmo Christmas.  Recently they have really gotten into Sesame Street.  They absolutely love Elmo!  Here are mostly videos and a few still pictures of Christmas Eve with the Byrnes and Christmas Day with the family.


Santa's Kitchen and food from Grandma
 Santa left the kitchen for Daddy to put together.

 Cooking up some breakfast for Christmas morning
 Washing the dishes
Taking Elmo for a ride in the lego wagon