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Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 weeks old

Yesterday the girls were exactly 2 weeks old. They are doing really well. Chloe weighs 3*8, Payton weighs 3*5, and Jillian is up to 3*2. Chloe is still having a little trouble with her oxygen. She needs a little stimulation because she forgets to breath. So, she had to go back on just a little oxygen yesterday and they took her off today. She is doing much better. The girls are still bottle feeding once a day and doing well. Chloe's nurse told us last night that she thought Chloe might be released is about 2 more weeks as long as she doesn't have any more issues. We hope Payton and Jillian won't be far behind. Here are some new pictures...
Payton all buckled in

Jillian all buckled in...our girls are little Houdini's

The Royer Hospital Wall

Payton in one of her new outfits
Payton and her pacifier


Jillian in one of her new outfits

Daddy and Chloe

Mommy and Daddy with Payton and Chloe

Chloe and Payton...can you tell us apart?

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