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Sunday, April 25, 2010

No news is good news

I don't have a lot of new news tonight, but I will share their weights. Chloe is up to 3*11, Payton is 3*8 and Jillian is 3*6. Chloe has a little eye infection which they are treating with eye drops. Her eye was looking much better today. Jillian took her entire feeding by bottle today which is a huge milestone. The Nurse Practitioner decided to bump all the girls up to 2 feedings a day by bottle. Payton and Chloe have good and bad days with feedings, it just depends on how tired they are. Overall they are all making steps in the right direction. Please keep them in your prayers. Here are some more pictures.


Payton wide awake

Jillian taking her bottle

Chloe (she wiggled herself right up next to Mommy and Daddy's picture)

Chloe sleeping comfortably

Jillian...this is how she was sleeping...I guess she is glad to finally have some space

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