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Monday, April 19, 2010

3lbs and growing!!!

It was a tough weekend with a few bumps, but the good news is, as of last night the girls weighed: Chloe: 3*7, Payton: 3*1, and Jillian: 3*0. All three girls are up past their birth weight. They are each taking close to an ounce per feeding and eating 8 times a day. On Saturday the doctor gave orders to allow them to try to take milk from a bottle once per day. It takes a lot out of them so we only get to try for about 10 minutes and just see how they do. As of today, Chloe is the only one who has tried a bottle. On Saturday she took 5 ml, Sunday 5ml, and Monday she took 12 ml!!! Way to go Chloe! Payton and Jillian had a rough weekend so we have not been able to try them on a bottle yet. On Saturday, Payton's old IV site got infected. The doctor had to cut it open and drain all the fluid out. They are doing a culture on the fluid to make sure nothing else is wrong. Then she started having some tummy troubles. They had to stop giving her milk for the day and put her back on sugar water. To do this, they had to put her IV back in, which was another issue. They couldn't get the IV in so they did some kind of special IV in her leg that is supposed to last longer. Not long after, Jillian started having tummy troubles too. They did a tummy x-ray and said she had some gas in her tummy. She still was given milk, but they just kept a close eye on her. The doctor thinks the issue was related to the fortifier they were putting in the milk. The fortifier adds two more calories to the milk to help them gain weight faster. So Payton and Jillian were taken off the fortifier and they are doing much better. I hope tonight we might be able to try them on a bottle. Payton really loves her pacifier so I have high hopes that she will do really well on the bottle. Enjoy more pictures...

Payton's bath (mommy's first time)

Payton and Jillian side by side compare

Jillian sleeping in Mommy's arms

Family Picture (reality sets in :))

Chloe's first bottle

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  1. You got to give her a bath and not in the sink, like I would be doing!!They are looking better all the time, so is Mom and Dad. Hope you are both trying to rest up before they come home. Love you all, Great-Grandma J.