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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grab your popcorn!

This post is nothing but home videos. Since school let out, we have been spending a lot of time just playing with the girls and enjoying our family. They make us laugh so hard and we wanted to share that with you. Please enjoy!

Lately they have been talking a lot more. It is not so much words that come out, but it is fun to listen to. This was a moment right before lunch time. I think Chloe was trying to tell us the seating arrangements, but I will let you be the judge of that.

We call this video cheap entertainment, but I don't know if you can call diapers cheap! :) Anytime a box arrives at our house, Mark and the girls come up with some way to have fun with it. I honestly don't know why we buy toys.

I have to add a disclaimer to this video. For all you hopefuls in Indiana, we are NOT moving back home. It was a conversation that Mark and I were having, because we sometimes miss it. We thought it would be funny to let the girls decide. So watch to see what they think.

We have a few ride on toys, and the girls love to ride on them. The only problem is that they can't quite figure out how to make them "go". So most of the time Mark gets a pretty good workout pushing them around. After all that pushing, it was Daddy's turn and Jillian did the honors.

Payton seems to run the show in our house. She definitely fits the typical "oldest" child role. So we thought it was fitting to let her wear Daddy's shirt and really be in charge.

Ok now this video is our favorite for a lot of reasons. The girls LOVE to dance, but it is so difficult to catch them in action. In this particular video we caught them! Now Daddy is dancing too, but when you see him dancing with Payton, you HAVE to watch Jillian. She is dancing, but what happens. It is pretty funny.

The girls are in love with Charlie, especially Chloe. Just recently they have really taken an interest in him and everything he does. The even better news is that he loves them back. Charlie was my dog before I even knew Mark. Before the girls, Charlie has never been around children. When Mya came over he would run and hide. So this is a blessing to see him like this.

Charlie kissing Payton. You will see that they usually get more than they bargain for with a Charlie kiss.

Charlie kissing Jillian.

Things happen so quickly in our house, we just grab the first camera we see when something cute happens. We want to hold on to these memories and never forget them. So this day I grabbed the video camera. The girls were playing and watching Toy Story 3 and Mark and I were cooking lunch for the 5 of us. I turned around to count heads and panicked when I only saw 2. I ran in the living room only to find Jillian there on the couch. It was so sweet! Most of the time in this KODAK moments we grab a cell phone and snap a picture. We are hoping to do an upcoming post of ALL cell phone pictures. That is usually when we get the good stuff.

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  1. I love all those videos they are so cute!!!
    Love, Lyndsay