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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Babes

Mark and I have been trying to get out of the house more lately. Last summer we were kind of in lock down with the girls. They were so little and it was really challenging to take them places. Futhermore, we really didn't want to expose them to anything so it was good for us to stay home last summer. We are miles from where we were last summer and we are making the most of it. We went to the beach last week and this weekend. Payton really loves the water. She would go swimming in the ocean all by herself if we would let her. Chloe and Jillian don't seem to be as interested, but they still enjoy being outside.

We have taken many trips to the park and many walks in thier choo choo wagon. They love to swing and just to be outside and explore. They are all attempting to walk at this point. Payton is walking all over the house. Chloe and Jillian and still very wobbly, but they will be walking all over the house in no time.

Right now our biggest challenge is dealing with sharing. I thought that triplets would just know how to share. They have shared everything up to this point, but I was wrong. They don't like to share any more than any other kid. It is a hard concept to teach a 1 year old. What is even worse, is that they are all biters. When someone takes something from them or they get mad at each other, they bite! Mark and I are not immune to the biting either. If we do something they don't like, they bite us too. We have tried doing time outs and the stern voices to no avail. I have heard from many people that the trick is to bite them back, I can't bring myself to do it. If anyone has any other suggestions besides bite them back please let me know. I have some older pictures on here. Mark's cousins came to visit on thier way to Tampa for Spring Break back in March. She sent us the pictures a while ago, but I am just getting them uploaded. The rest of the pictures are from the beach and some really cute videos. Enjoy!

Sammie and Jillian

Chloe on her ride along dino

Payton "Let me outta here!"

All the girls!

Elisa and Payton

Mark and the girls at California Pizza Kitchen


Sammie and Payton

Daddy slicking back Chloe's hair (Monkey at the Zoo)

The 5 of us at the beach

Daddy and Chloe "Boy I'm gettin tired Daddy let's go lay down"

Payton running away from us...hoping to get to the water

Payton and Daddy walking hand in hand


Sammy and Payton

Payton: "I'm gonna figure this thing out...give me a week or 2"


Payton and Kevin: "Looks better from up here"

Payton: "Hey Sammie am I doing good walking?"

Payton: "Get off me Chloe!"

Chloe: "Hmmm...What's on the menu?"

Pretty Girl Chloe!

Wow! It looks good out there! (Daddy, Payton, Chloe, Jillian, Mommy)

Chloe: "It's a little sunny..maybe I can use this menu for a hat"

Mommy and Payton taking a dip in the water

All Daddy's girls!

Payton: "uuuugghhhh...ate too much Vanilla Pudding"

Jillian: " I just got done eating...get that outta my face!"

Baby Races!!!: Mommy and Payton...Uncle Conor and Chloe

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