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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our first Halloween

This weekend was the babies' first Halloween. We planned to carve our pumpkins on Thursday night. In the past we always carve 2 pumpkins. Mark carves one and I carve the other. But when I came home from work on Thursday, between Mark and Grandma we had 5 pumpkins to carve. 2 big ones and 3 little pumpkins. Fitting for our family of 5. I came up with the brilliant plan to carve every one's name in a pumpkin. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work. They turned out really cute!

For Halloween, I opted not to dress the girls in costume. I may be a party pooper, but I thought it was a little silly to spend all that money on a costume for no one to see. We did however, dress the girls up in Halloween pajamas and a pumpkin bib. We sat out on our driveway and passed out candy. We drew quite a crowd in the neighborhood as many of our distant neighbors did not know we had triplets. It was fun watching all the kids trick or treat and seeing all the costumes. Then we took a short walk to our family friends, the Byrnes. They had special treats for the triplets. By the time we got home all of the girls we fast asleep in their stroller. Trick or treating is hard work. Enjoy the pictures from this weekend.
Chloe with her pumpkin and the Mommy and Daddy pumpkins
We couldn't get all three of them to look at the camera, we had to be quick (notice Mark and I are behind htem holding them up)

Mommy and Daddy pumpkins

Jillian Pumpkin

Payton pumpkin

Chloe Pumpkin

Our family of pumpkins

Trick or treating is hard work!

Special treats from the Byrnes

Jillian sitting outstide waiting on trick or treaters

All of us waiting on some trick or treaters

Chloe, Payton, and Jillian
Jillian with her pumpkin

Payton with her pumpkin

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  1. I love reading these posts Ashley thanks for keeping everyone updated. I have to give you the pictures I took on Halloween :] I love the pictures you put up. They look so adorable!