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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eye Doctor

We had another eye doctor appointment on Friday. This is the third time the girls had to see an eye doctor. Since the eyes are one of the last things to develop in the womb, the girls had under-developed eyes. However, this time the girls passed their eye exams! They currently have fully developed eyes! I was brave enough to stay in the room this time, but I am so glad I never have to watch that again. The girls will have to go back to the eye doctor in 6 months. The doctor told us another common problem with premature babies is glasses and cross-eyed. This time they won't have to pry their eyes open, but just shine a light in their eye to see if they need glasses or will be cross eyed. We are praying all goes well and we won't have to deal with either of those things. After the six month appointment if all goes well they won't have to go back anymore. We have been so blessed with help from friends and family ever since the girls have been home. Most of these pictures are of our friends and family with the girls. Enjoy!

Derek and Mya and Jillian
Great Grandma Mary (Mark's Grandma) with all three girls

Great Grandma Justine (my grandma) with all three girls
Charlie guarding his sisters

The girls all dressed in their pretty new dresses

Daddy sleeping with Chloe

Chloe all curled up

Payton our little boilermaker!

Grandpa Rod with all four granddaughters

Mya with her cousins

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