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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look what we can do!

Here are some recent videos of the girls.  They are doing so many cute things that it was impossible to capture it all, but this is what we were able to get.  Hope you enjoy

This one is of Payton saying "tickle tickle tickle"  I guess that is how we sound when we say it!

Tickle monster Payton strikes again!
Showing off for the camera!
Melmo's world!  I love the way she says that!  They have really gotten into Sesame Street lately and they absolutely love Elmo! After Christmas I am quite certain we will have a few more Elmo toys around here.   
Chloe saying "All Gone"  

The girls dancing on their toy box stage.  Jillian says Melmo one more time when she notices Payton's slippers.  There are a lot of other words in this one that I can't make out yet.  It is their triplet lingo I guess.  

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