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Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh the fun we have...

It is hard to believe it is almost October already. The girls are growing like weeds and learning so many new things it is hard to keep up. I want to document everything! I know it is getting cold up in Indiana already, but it is still hot as ever here. Because it is still so hot, we have to make our own entertainment. The girls are very good at entertaining us. Here are some videos for you to enjoy.

Messy Girls holding hands

Blowing Kisses and Making Funny Faces.

Chloe Gettin down (Be sure to watch Chloe at the beginning of video)

Payton getting her groove on (Be sure to watch Payton)

We like to MOVE IT...MOVE IT! (We r getting ready for bed...but one last dance before bath time)
Hi Jillian!!(Listen Carefully...U might miss it)
I'm Gonna Get YOU!!!....RRRRAAAHHHHRRR!!!!

Scare time...Hi Daddy!!!

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