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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daddy Day Care

Summer break is officially over and school is back in session. That means that Daddy Day Care is open for it's second year of business. Mark stays with them during the day, then goes straight to work when I get home. It's not easy, but we sure are blessed to be able to have one parent home with them all the time. Mark says that this year is much easier so far. Even though they are walking and into everything, they are more independent and he can do more with them now. This past week, he took them to the mall to play in the play area. It is still too hot to be outside for any extended period of time, so the mall seemed like a good alternative. They loved being able to just run and play and climb on anything they wanted to. He has also been working on getting them to talk more and trying to teach them new things. He is such a good Daddy! I video taped some of the things we have been working on as well as some other cute things they are into right now. I want to remember everything because they are growing so fast.

Enjoy the pictures and videos. I hope to post one more time before the end of August. I really am trying to stick to two per month. So check back soon.
Chloe in her rocket ship
Excuse there room for one more?
Jillian...Peek a Boo
Payton climbing in the tunnel
Jillian and Payton in the rocket ship
Tickling toes. They love to tickle my toes.

Playing Peek a boo is another favorite game.

Mark has been teaching them this! They are getting pretty good.

Giving hugs are also a new thing they are doing now. Their hugs can make you feel like a million bucks!

Babies are Payton's new favorite toy. She love to play with babies and even sleeps with them.

They like spinning around. Anytime they are crying about sometime all we have to do is spin them around and instantly they are laughing. Just recently they started spinning themselves. It is really cute.

Just playing with Daddy

Go Dogs Go is their favorite book. They are saying a few words now, but GO seems to be their favorite word.

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