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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Payton, Jillian and Chloe!

The triplets are officially 1 year old and it is nothing short of a miracle that Mark and I made it through. My mom and Grandma and Mark's parents all came down for the big event. Their actual birthday was on Thursday, April 7th. They all had their one year check up and they are a far cry from where they were one year ago. When born they were all right around 3lbs. Today, Jillian is 19 lbs 3 oz and 27" long, Payton is 19lbs 2oz and 28" long, and Chloe is 21lbs 10oz and 28" long. They have really caught up with their weight and are close to or just below the average one year old. As far as height, they are still a little short for their age, but the doctor said to give it at least 2 years, before their height will be a good indicator of their genetic potential. Developmentally, they are doing really well. They are all pulling up and walking along the couch. They can walk with walking toys and walk when someone is helping. Payton is really trying to stand and walk on her own. They are saying Mama and Dada and mimicking everything we do. After the doctor's appointment, we took them to get their one year pictures taken. Our big mistake was that we scheduled their picture appointment for 1:00 which is right around nap time. Needless to say the picture taking was a nightmare, but surprisingly they turned out well. We had planned to do a picnic that night, but all the adults were exhausted so we just ate dinner in and spent time with them. Saturday was their birthday party. We did a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. They love the music from that show so we thought it was appropriate. The party was fun and the girls got so much stuff! (toys, clothes, a picnic table, swimsuits, beach toys, a water/sand table that they love, just to name a few). We got them a triplet wagon that works out really well when we go places and they love taking walks in their wagon. We did let them dig into their own cakes. Jillian couldn't get enough. Payton was reluctant at first, but did start digging in and Chloe wanted no part of it. It is really neat to see their different personalities emerge. Sunday we went to the beach with Mark's parents and the Byrnes. I don't have any pictures from the beach up here yet. I actually don't even know if anyone took any, but they wore their new swimsuits and played with their knew toys. Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls a large part of the time at the beach and Mark and I actually got in the water and had some relaxation time. Overall it was a great weekend. This weekend we are planning on taking Mark's parents to St. Augustine so stay tuned for more pictures.

Chloe diggin into her cake at the portrait studio

everyone going was impossible
Chloe crawled through the cake
Payton had enough
Sweet Jillian really liked the cake!
Dippin in for the first time
Our family :) Jillian picking her nose
Then she ate it

Everyone is blowing raspberries
Notice Payton and Chloe fighting over the balloon. You would like triplets would know how to share by now.
Sweet Chloe
Payton Doesn't like her bow
Jillian refusing to smile
Chloe, Payton and Jillian in thier mouse ears
Another family picture
Jillian doesn't like her bow either
Sweet little laugh
Chloe showing how she can stand up
Chloe refusing to smile as well
Pretty Payton
Payton standing up
Triplet wagon birthday gift

Payton showing how she can walk and help out Mommy and Daddy at the same time.

*I want to put a disclaimer on here that we did not coax her into doing with, Payton did this on her own. *

Jillian eating one of the girls' favortie breakfast food...Cinnamon French Toast Sticks
Payton eating hers
Chloe eating French Toast
Payton digging into birthday cake at her party
Proof that Chloe did try it...she just didn't like it
Jillian, Chloe and Payton
Yummy Cake
Finger lickin good
So good!
Chloe wasn't too sure about the cake

Jillian digging in with both hands
Their knew ride on toys that they love!
Jillian reading her card
Chloe with her mouse ears
Sandwiches that Daddy made with Mickey Mouse toothpicks
Grandma Michele made Mickey Mouse cupcakes with oreos for the ears
Jillian's "smash" cake
Chloe's "smash" cake
Payton's "smash" cake
The Mickey Mouse cake we all ate...delicious
The cake table
Jillian trying to take off her mouse ears
One of thier tables from Aunt Sammie and Uncle Richie...Payton: "where are we going to put Jillian"

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