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Monday, February 7, 2011

10 months

It has been a long time since I posted, and the girls have been growing like weeds. It is so hard to believe that they are 10 months old. Over the past few months, we have had lots of help. Our family friends, the Byrnes, come over on a daily basis to help Mark and I out. Samantha is over EVERY night helping with feedings and baths and she has just been such a blessing. Conor is over almost everyday, helping Mark out during the day. Then Anne and Samantha come over once a week so I can teach at night school in the GED program to earn some extra cash. I also have school friends in and out helping when we need it (we have actually gotten a couple of date nights recently). We went from thinking we were pretty much on our own, to feeling like we have an entire support system around us. WE are so blessed.
The girls are all crawling. Jillian is doing the traditional crawl, Payton does an army crawl, and Chloe does this worm thing. It is so cute. Chloe can pull herself up to a standing position. Payton and Jillian are also pulling themselves up, but not quite as good as Chloe yet. They seem to find a way to pull themselves OVER things instead of UP. They like to escape. We finally had to put up some baby gates and enclose our living room. As you can see in one of the pictures, Payton escaped down the hallway, at that point, we knew it was time to start blocking things off. Our living room is very wide open, and we can't find a baby gate big enough, so we have tried to come up with some creative ways to block them in. They seem to outsmart us every time though. They love to escape the living room and play with the door stop in our hallway. I can't complain though, it keeps them entertained for hours. I know all you parents out there are screaming just wait...we know it will get worse. Hopefully by that time, we will have a better plan of action.
Probably the best news I have to share, is that they are all holding their own bottles now. This has cut our feeding time down tremendously. This really helps make things easier on us. We also started giving them baths in the actual tub. They LOVE it. They can play in the water and play with their toys. They all go in the bath at the same time, and the adults form an assembly line, one person bathes, one person dresses and if we have extra help one person puts them to bed. They are getting to bed usually by 9:00 now(about a month ago it was closer to 10:30-11:00 before they were in bed), it is so nice to have an hour of adult time every night! We are starting to finally get the hang of things and get into a routine. Jillian finally got a tooth on Super Bowl Sunday. Payton now has her second tooth coming in and Chloe still just has her two bottom teeth. Teething has been a challenge, but with lots of Orajel and Tylenol we have gotten through it. They all have become little parrots and will mimic everything we do. Some of their favorite things to do are to clap and smack their lips and tongue clicks. Hopefully we will have some videos of these soon. As the weather is warming up, we are planning a trip to the zoo and the pool. Stay tuned for pictures and videos.
Jillian Hangin with Sammie

Jillian holding her Dolly sitting on Grandma Anne

Chloe chillin with Kevin

Payton...Startin early....We got a problem! : )

Chloe with Roofis (Byrne's Beagle)

Jillian being silly

Can't keep your eyes off them...Baby gate and enclosures were setup shortly after this stunt by Payton. (See Picture Below)

Enclosure Setup (Jillian was quick to figure this one out)

Chloe Clapping

We are feeding our bottles to ourselves (Mom and Dad= YEA!!!)

We don't know how this happened... but she woke up like this smiling.

1st bath time together in Mommy and Daddy's bathtub

Payton's Cheesy Smile!...Gotta Love it!

Girls playing in the water

Payton holding herself up on the couch.

Chloe says "Here I come!"

Jillian: " I fell right through the bouncer, How did I get down here?!?"

Girls have found the door stoppers in the house

Chloe riding the Dragon from Grandma Dimmick

Chloe found a good place to sleep on Charlie

Jillian moved during feeding time and got smacked with Carrots

Payton "Put a sock in it!"

Jillian coming face to face with Charlie



Jillian Striking her famous pose

Girls Riding in style in Uncle Conor's Jaguar

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