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Friday, August 27, 2010

So many firsts

We took the girls to their 4 month drs. appointment at the beginning of August and everything went really well. Chloe weighed 12lbs 2 oz , Jillian was 11lbs 7oz and Payton was 11lbs 4oz. An average 4 month old baby weighs about 12lbs 6 oz, so they have really caught up! Since they are doing so well, the doctor officially took them off of the extra calorie formula and started them on regular formula and rice cereal. Over the past couple of week the girls have been talking non-stop and smiling just as much! :) Last Friday, Chloe rolled over for the first time and I think Jillian will not be too far behind her. They are so healthy and we are so blessed. I have added lots of new pictures to make up for the lack of posts. I also added some recent videos of the girls talking to us and to each other.

Smiling for the camera
Using the triplet stroller for the first time

Feeding two babies at one time. I am getting good at improvising

leaning on each other

Dr. Seuss pajamas

First time in the bath water (we used to use a mesh hammock that set them above the water)

They love the bath water

I can't get her to stop sucking her thumb. Any suggestion?

arm in arm

Jillian, Chloe, Payton

Payton, Jillian, Chloe

Cute little butts

Chloe rolling over

Chloe in her bunny hat

Payton in her bunny hat

(This doll now can wear some of their preemie clothes)

Chloe after eating cereal

Bar code shirts :)


Chloe in the ducky bath

Payton in the ducky bath

All three in the ducky bath

Grandma Royer (Mark's mom) and Jillian

Grandpa Royer (Mark's Dad) and Chloe

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